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Caring Village allows families to easily communicate, collaborate, and coordinate caregiving activities. Create an online village for your loved one and invite family members, friends, neighbors, and professional caregivers to participate in their care, so you don’t have to carry the responsibility alone.

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Caring Village Dashboard and Mobile Apps


A First-of-its-kind Caregiving Assistance Platform


Personalized Village and To Do Lists

Share the care with others, no matter where they live.

Wellness Journal

Keep your village updated or check in on the day-to-day status of your loved one.

Centralized Calendar

Coordinate schedules and avoid missed appointments.

Customizable Care Plans

Create a daily or weekly schedule of care for your loved one.

Secure Messaging

Communicate quickly and effectively with village members.

Preparedness Checklists

Prepare for the unexpected of tomorrow.

Caregiving On The go

Meet the Ultimate Caregiving App!

Take your village dashboard with you wherever you go with Caring Village’s complementary mobile app. Share wellness updates, add events to your calendar, manage to do lists, send secure messages, and access caregiver preparedness checklists anytime, anywhere.


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You don’t have to do this alone. Caring Village makes it easy to coordinate care in real time using your own personalized village of family members, neighbors, friends, and care professionals who want to help– whether near or far.

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Amazing Product!

This app is essential for every caregiver. This is exactly what I have been needing! From helping to prepare the house for our aging parents to keeping our family connected. Caring Village does it all! Thank you for making my life easier!

Nicole N - Falls Church, VA


This is a super idea for coordinating care for your loved ones – human or pet! I like that it is a secure site. Wish I had thought of it!

Dawn S. – Moneta, VA

Great Caregiving App!

Great way to communicate and coordinate care for aging loved ones. I use this every day many times a day.

Bernie H. – Naples, FL

Incredibly Useful and Simple

Makes it very easy to plan for our entire family. Great Product.

Brad N. – Washington, DC