10 Best Walk-In Tub Companies of 2020

Did you know the most hazardous activities for all ages are bathing, showering, and getting out of the tub or shower? More than half of the injuries that occur in people over the age of 85 occur in the bathroom. One way to reduce the risk of falling and injury is to install a walk-in tub.

Your aging loved one deserves a tub of high quality and buying a walk-in tub is not the same as purchasing a standard tub for your home. According to Consumers Advocate, the top 10 walk-in tub companies are Jacuzzi, Independent Home, Hydro Dimensions, Premier Care in Bathing, Safe Step, Improvement Center, Bathing Safety, Accessibility Professionals, American Standard, and Ella’s Bubbles.

What is a Walk-In Tub?

A walk-in tub is a bathtub that is generally used for the same purpose as a traditional bathtub but the design provides a safer, more convenient, and comfortable bathing experience. The walk-in tub offers independence for those with mobility issues, as well as those with chronic pain, by providing a no-step entry into the tub, a non-skid floor, a grab (or handle) bar, a comfortable seat, and a sealed door to prevent leaking.

Why Purchase a Walk-in Tub?

The need for a walk-in tub will vary based on mobility limitations. The advantages and benefits are consistent: safety and livability. The walk-in tub model is designed often with an outward swinging door to prevent falling or slipping. The wheelchair accessible tubs will create a home of comfort and one that offers your aging loved one the opportunity to live independently. If you have a walk-in tub you will likely have massage jets, air jets and heated seating bringing relaxation and therapy to your aching muscles.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Walk-in Tub

Before reviewing each company below, consider taking a few minutes to outline your needs and expectations first. This will help you narrow your search quickly based on the requirements you have of the product. To help guide you, answer the following questions and then apply your answers to each company and available products:

  1. What price range are you looking to stay within?
  2. What are the dimensions of your bathroom and available space for the bathtub?
  3. Is your plumbing designed to support the hot water and additional features?
  4. What type of warranty is offered?
  5. What does the warranty cover?
  6. Do you intend to move in the near future?
  7. What features are most important for your chronic illness or condition?
  8. Is the walk-in tub self-installed or professionally done?
  9. Will you need financing?

These questions are intended to get you started but consider all of the features you desire. Look for the product and company that comes close to your needs as possible. If you have Medicare Advantage or Medicaid, contact your representative to determine if there is any reimbursement available based on your state and circumstance.

The Best Walk-In Tub Companies

There are many products available and we have summarized the top 10 companies below. Remember to be thorough when reviewing each company and use our prompting questions as a guide. Getting this decision right can save you time, money and most importantly provide safety and livability to your aging loved one.


Jacuzzi Inc. now offers a simple solution that combines industry-leading safety with their legendary hot tub expertise: the Jacuzzi Walk-In Bathtub. These unique tubs can make your bathing experience a pain and stress-reducing pleasure, keeping you safe and protecting your independence. Your walk-in tub’s door allows for tall tub walls, letting you enjoy neck-deep immersion and the same full-body soak as in a natural hot spring or regular hot tub. The in-line water heater maintains the same warm and cozy water temperature for as long as you want to soak.

Independent Home

Independent Home focuses on safe and practical bathing solutions. Their mission is simple: Independent Home is here to help you experience a safe, enjoyable bathing experience by alleviating the stress and heartache associated with mobility problems. Their walk-in tubs can get you back to living independently and comfortably, and allow you to stay in your home longer.

Hydro Dimensions

Hydro Dimensions is a large-scale manufacturer of standard bathtubs and walk-in tubs for over 20 years. The company also produces a variety of therapeutic massage systems ranging from hydro massage, air massage, dual massage, and custom massage systems. Each walk-in bathtub therapy massage system is built-to-order to meet each client’s varying needs and lifestyles. Hydro Dimensions proudly services the entire US with a network of over 80 dealers nationwide.

Premier Care in Bathing

Premier Care in Bathing is a privately held service provider of specialist bathing equipment. The company offers a safe and independent bathing experience to elders and people with disabilities. Premier Care has designed and manufactured walk-in tub solutions that make bathing comfort a reality for its customers.

Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co.

Walk-in tubs from Safe Step are designed to satisfy the needs of seniors, the disabled, handicapped or anyone with mobility challenges. Their walk-in tubs combine safety with the powers of hydrotherapy to relieve your pain and boost your energy. Handicap features include a low step-in, built-in grab bars, and anti-slip surfaces. Once safely in the tub, choose from a variety of hydro-therapeutic soaking tub features such as massaging water jets to create a spa-like experience in your home.

Improvement Center

For the Improvement Center, a walk-in tub is exactly what it sounds like: a tub that has a door to allow the user to walk into the tub and sit down, rather than having to step over the high lip of the tub to get in. Walk-in bathtubs are perfect for those with mobility, aging, or even obesity concerns. The unique design offered by the Improvement Center allows you to walk into the tub, close the watertight door, sit down and fill the tub to your desired depth and temperature. ImprovementCenter.com offers information on walk-in tub products, contractors, and services.

Bathing Safety

Bathing Safety offers the finest Hydrotherapy Walk-In Tubs. They offer models that are manufactured in the US and a selection of models that are imported. Bathing Safety offers three models of walk-in bathtubs that come in different sizes. Their models are the Diamond Elite Series Walk-In Tubs, Private Label Walk-In Baths, and Private Label Walk-In Tubs.

Freedom BathTubs (Accessibility Professionals)

Accessibility Professionals Inc. specializes in providing industry-leading products for making bathrooms and homes accessible and easier to use for people with physical disabilities as well as individuals of all abilities. Their goal is to help people arrange their bathrooms and homes to best meet their needs and maximize their independence. Accessibility Professionals believe everyone deserves to age gracefully and with dignity in the comfort of their own home.

American Standard

American Standard services a wide range of both residential and commercial customers, effectively delivering water saving products that are used for new construction and replacement/remodeling projects. American Standard offers various kinds of walk-in tubs made from Acrylic Gel Coat with Fiberglass reinforcement. You can choose from whirlpool, air spa, soaking, and combo massage models to fit your bathing needs. The company also makes walk-in-tubs accessible to individuals with limited mobility.

Ella’s Bubbles

Ella’s Bubbles is a Chicago-based (OEM) manufacturer of acrylic walk-in bathtubs and a nationally distributed manufacturer of private label accessible shower stalls and gelcoat walk-in bathtubs. They have spearheaded acrylic walk-in bathtub development, production, and distribution in North America since 2005. Ella’s offers exceptional craftsmanship, world-class customer service, and creative insights to help both distributors and dealers enhance their brand.

Additional Information

Walk-in tubs offer your aging loved one a safe, spa-like experience by providing a convenient, relaxing bath in their own home. Do your research to find the right company and product for you. For more information check out our blog, How to Design a Safe Bathroom for those with Limited Mobility.

There is a company called the Buyer Zone that provides walk-in tub buyer assistance for families that might not be sure of the best application for their home. You can answer a few questions about your home below and the Buyer Zone will connect you with local professionals to help you with your installation.

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