8 Tenant Rights and Protections for Older Adults

Is your aging parent currently renting or interested in leasing an apartment? If so, they are in good company since about 20% of those aged 65 and older are renters (source). Apartment complexes see many benefits in renting to older adults since they typically are financially established, do not engage in criminal activity and will be a renter for more than one year. And there are tenant rights in place for older adults.

As renters, older adults may find many benefits for themselves such as:

  1. Close proximity to family
  2. Flexibility in lifestyle
  3. Community activities
  4. Amenities that support limited mobility
  5. Other general medical or personal care options

8 Tenant Rights for Older Adults

With those benefits in mind, you should be aware of general rights as a tenant. If you are looking to rent, check within your state and county renters rights to see what protections are in place for you. We’ve provided some general rights that most states support for older adults.

  1. You have the right not to be discriminated against because of your age
  2. You have the right not to be discriminated against because of your disability
  3. You have the right, under rent control, to a lower cap on your annual rent increase
  4. You have the right to make adjustments in your property such as grab bars or other accommodating features for a long-term, chronic disability or disease
  5. You have the right to have pets in federally assisted rental units
  6. You have the right to remain in your unit if the building converts to a condominium or cooperative if you are ‘income-qualified’
  7. You have the right to reasonable accommodation before eviction (if unable to meet the obligations of tenancy due to disability or illness)
  8. You have the right to terminate a lease before expiration if accepted into a federal or state subsidized housing (with a minimum of 30-days notice)

Find out your rights in your community as they may vary state-to-state. Most importantly, remember that as an aging adult you have rights and protections.