Best Tips on How to Move Your Aging Parent

Is your aging parent planning to move sometime soon and is asking for your help? They may be moving to a new home, assisted living, downsizing to an apartment or even moving in with you! Whatever the case may be, moving an older adult can present unexpected challenges. To help prepare you, we’ve crafted the best tips on how to move your aging parent.

First, take the time to talk about everything with your parent. Understand what their needs and expectations are, as well as ease any fears they may have. To aid you in this process, follow the timeline of actions outlined below.

One – Two Months Before Move

  • Fill out a change of address with the United States Postal Service.
  • Review everything that is to be moved and see what can be reduced or removed
  • Sell or donate items no longer needed
  • Reserve moving company (make sure to read customer reviews)
  • Get your packing supplies: boxes, tape, markers, scissors and packing material
  • Organize your legal, medical, financial and insurance documents
  • Pack items not being used: decorations, seasonal clothing, etc.
  • Make plans for pets on move-in day (and possibly before and after)
  • Cancel insurance policies that no longer apply

One – Two Weeks Before Move

  • Sign up for services at the new location: cable and/or phone
  • Pack supply of clothes, medicines, special foods to have available before and after the move
  • Finish packing any remaining items
  • Notify utility companies, friends, financial institutions (banks, advisors, etc.), service providers of new address and phone number

Move in Day

  • Have key information on hand including:
    • Movers contact information
    • Cable company contact and schedule information
    • Leasing or real-estate agent details
  • Have money to pay and tip movers
  • At new location walk movers through home and identify the rooms as marked on boxes and where furniture is to be placed
  • Have parent stay with sibling or friend during the move day
  • Valuable items should remain in a secure place
  • Save all moving receipts for possible tax deduction

After moving in, consider taking your parents around the new neighborhood or location to get familiar with the area (and so you are to). Be familiar with local community locations, emergency services, grocery store and gas stations.

Last, remember that this can become stressful at times and may even feel overwhelming. Get help where you can from family and loved ones. Depending on the reason for the move, you may need additional help if there are any cognitive or physical limitations. Moving can be stressful no matter what the age or the size of the property involved so start early, be patient and good luck!

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