How to Remain Socially Active in Your Senior Years

Socialization for seniors is an incredibly important aspect of life, as well as for people who grow older, retire, and live on their own they have a tendency to spend increasing amounts of time alone. For some this may be a big adjustment, coming from a job where you were surrounded by others all day to sitting at home with a free schedule. Retirement is meant to be a relaxing, and enjoyable part of life, with plenty of time for socialization for seniors, and freedom to do whatever you desire! However, doing these activities alone may lead to feelings of isolation and sadness. Here we have compiled our top tips for making friends as a senior, ensuring your elder years are lived to the fullest with companionship you enjoy!

Join a Club or Enroll in a Class

One of the best and easiest ways to make new like-minded friends is by following an interest and taking a class on it or joining a club revolving around it. Perhaps you have a passion for reading, cooking, dancing, golfing, or yoga. Whatever your hobby may be, there is likely a local group that meets on a regular basis to do this hobby together. Local colleges offer classes ranging across all subjects that may pique your interest. When joining one of these groups, you will already have something significant in common with everyone there, making it easier to carry conversations that will lead to potential friendships!

Utilize Social Media

As times have progressed, social media has become an increasingly powerful tool to both build new and reconnect old friendships. Many apps are designed strictly for seniors to meet and connect with other seniors nearby! Creating accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook and connecting with friends from your past will bring back any friendships that may have lost contact throughout the years. Social media is also a great way to stay informed of the local events happening around you, in which attendance can attribute to developing friendships.


Volunteering is not only a great way to make friends, but it allows you to make a difference in your community as well! Finding an organization to contribute to that you feel a strong connection with will not only make the volunteering more fulfilling, but you will have more in common with the fellow volunteers. Making friends through volunteering is a great opportunity because it will motivate you to continue working towards that organization, now that you have friends to volunteer with!

Stay Involved in Your Community

No matter where you live, your local community likely has a lot more to offer than you anticipate! Whether it’s seeing local live musicians, supporting local sports teams, or attending the neighborhood farmers market there are endless ways to stay active in your community, even as you age. Joining your local church and participating in weekly services is another great way to get to know people of all ages in your community. Involving yourself in the events happening around you, no matter how small or seemingly mundane will open doors to friendships that can last a lifetime.

Meeting new friends in your elder years is without a doubt more challenging than it is at other stages of life, but it is entirely worth it. Putting yourself out there and continuing to follow your interests and passions will not only attribute to a widened social circle but greater happiness altogether. Enjoy your senior years as much as possible, and continue building relationships by following these tips!

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