Preparing a Home to Accommodate Those with Limited Mobility


Homes can become difficult and dangerous for those developing mobility issues.  Ensure that a home is safe and secure for your loved ones.

Update Bedrooms to Account for Limited Mobility
  • Select a Bedroom on the Main Floor of the House
    • If the room must be reached by stairs, consider installing an elevator or a chairlift in your home
    • If designing the bedroom to accommodate a wheelchair, make sure it is ADA-compliant
  • Select a bed that is a comfortable height
  • Install Bed Rails
  • Install wall-to-wall carpeting to decrease the likelihood of falls
  • Update the bedroom lighting
  • Make communication easy and simple
    • Install a bedroom phone or a house-wide intercom system
    • Install a wireless doorbell in an easily accessible location
  • Remove heavy objects such as large dressers or other furniture that could potential fall or become an obstacle
  • Remove closet doors
  • Install additional insulation to provide a more comfortable climate and eliminate ambient noise
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Update Bathrooms to Account for Limited Mobility
  • If redesigning the bathroom to accommodate a wheelchair, make sure it is ADA-compliant
  • Install bathroom assistive devices such as grab rails or bars near the toilet and shower
  • Install a lever-handled or hands-free faucet
  • Install an anti-scald device
  • Place non-skid, non-slip mats inside and outside of the shower/tub, near the toilet, and near the sink
  • Install a raised toilet seat
  • Consider ways in which you can make bathing easier:
    • Purchase a transfer bench
    • Install a showerhead with a detachable, handheld option
    • Install a step-in or “curb-less” shower
    • Install a walk-in bathtub
  • Ensure the space is adequately lit, even at night
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Update Kitchens to Account for Limited Mobility
  • Relocate Kitchen to the main floor of the home (if not already situated there)
  • If redesigning the kitchen to accommodate a wheelchair, make sure it is ADA-compliant
  • Adjustments to the sink
    • Install a shallow sink
    • Install a lever-handled or hands-free faucet in an easily reachable location
    • Consider installing a motorized sink that can be easily raised and lowered
    • Install an anti-scald device
    • Install anti-slip mats near the sink
  • Adjust Appliances
    • Consider the logical and most easily accessible placement for each appliance
    • Select appliances that are easy to use and display information clearly
    • Install anti-slip mats near each appliance
    • Install drawer-style appliances
  • Adjust the height of countertops and cabinets
  • Add pull out shelving to cabinets
  • Install levers or “D” shaped pulls on cabinets
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General in-home safety precautions
  • Add handrails on both sides of the stairs
  • Ensure the home is well-lit
  • Remove slipping hazards such as area rugs and
  • Ensure there are level surfaces throughout house
  • Install an in-home monitoring system
  • Build a wheelchair ramp
  • Install a security system
  • Add deadbolt locks

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