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How Telemedicine Can Help Aging Adults

How Telemedicine Can Help Seniors

Find out what telemedicine is, the benefits of utilizing telemedicine, and how you can incorporate it into your care routine.

top apps for diabetes

The Top 4 Diabetes Management Apps

Today, there are more than 29 million Americans living with diabetes, 95% of which have been diagnosed with Type 2. Diabetes can be difficult to manage and requires detailed tracking throughout the …

Does My Loved One Need a Home Alert System?

Providing your loved one with a home alert system helps prevent long-term injuries from occurring from a fall or other issues within the home.

Grandbox: A Unique Gift Idea for Father’s Day

Grandbox: A Unique Gift Idea for Those 65 and Over

For birthdays or Father’s Day, get away from the standard tie, drill, or gardening tool for Dad or Grandpa with a unique gift from Grandbox.

What Are the Top 10 Products to Track My Elderly Loved One's Location?

What Are the Top 10 Products to Track My Elderly Loved One’s Location?

The top 10 tools to track the location of aging adults are offered by Trax, iTraq, Spy Tec, Yepzone, AngelSense, Pocketfinder, GPS SmartSole, MedicAlert & PAL.