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The Best Places for Aging Seniors to Exercise

The Best Places for Aging Seniors to Exercise

The two main places where seniors can and should exercise is at a fitness center and/or by taking advantage of the great outdoors.

Is it Safe for My Parents to Exercise?

Is it Safe for My Aging Parents to Exercise?

An exercise program for older adults can help your parents maintain strength and mobility, reduce the risk of injury from falls, and increase coordination.

The Best Walkers for Older Adults

According to customer reports, the two most comfortable walkers are the Nova Cruiser Deluxe 4202 and the Hugo 007-010 Adjustable Folding Walker.

Best Walking Canes

The Best Walking Canes

The four different types of walking canes are C canes, Function Grip Canes, Quad Canes, and Hemiwalkers. Learn more about their benefits here.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet: 6 Crucial Nutrients and Food Sources for Elderly Adults

Elderly individuals and their caregivers should make sure they are including sources of B12, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Fiber, and Omega 3 Fats in their diets.